Tuesday, May 26, 2009


News Extract from 'THE HINDU' (26/05/2009)

The Real Story

As you all know KSUDP had dug large trench in Valiyavila - Kundamankadavu Road near to Kundamankadavu Bridge. It seems that the only interest of KSUDP is to dig trenches and they are least interested in finishing the work or covering the trenches. The trench so dug along the said road is more than 45 days old.

I had contacted the Project Officer several times and requested him to take interest to finish the work simultaneously and also briefed him about the dangers if the trench is left open for long time. But it is very regretful that no steps were initiated.

Monsoon caused heavy rains in Trivandrum on 24/05/2009 and rain water got accumulated in the trench and began to drain soil.


Friday, May 15, 2009


Kundamankadavu is a residential area, not so thickly populated, in the banks of Karamana River, located in Trivandrum - Kattakada route.

Valiyavila and Pallimukku are the immediate neighbours of Kundamankadavu.

Historical Iron Bridge (British Built) is the landmark of Kundamankadavu.


Under KSUDP (Thiruvananthapuram Corporation), work of Strom Water Drainage for Valiyavila – Peyad Road has already commenced. As part of the work, the contractors has begun digging road in Valiyavila – Kundamankadavu stretch.

It is deeply regretful that the present way of implementing the project in such a careless manner is causing great trouble to the public and causing heavy traffic jam near Kundamankadavu Bridge.

I would like to furnish following facts to establish the careless way of doing work in Valiyavila – Kundamankadavu stretch.

  1. The contractors started digging the road on 14/04/2009 at 6 different locations and as on date (19/05/2009), there is no indication of laying pipe even in a single location.

  2. The pit was originally dug for laying large pipes but after completing the pit, authorities became aware about the size of the pipe and they found that the pipe actually to be layed is small one. (Wastage of time and money spend for estimate and survey)

  3. Wrongly transported large pipes and newly transported small pipes are seen scattered everywhere.

  4. The earth moved from the pit is lying on the road, occupying almost 60% of the tar surface causing traffic jam. (Two weeks back a lorry got skid on the dust on tar surface and hit an electric post pulling it down. Cautious approach by Police and public is the reason for no life loss till now)

  5. The contractor had employed a fewer number of labourers (around 15) for such a work and no basic amenities are provided to them. They are even forced to walk a long distance during lunch time.

  6. Sanction has already been accorded for construction of a new bridge parallel to existing bridge at Kundamankadavu and the approach roads at both sides are to be widened. If this happens, the pipe for Storm Water Drainage which is being installed now will be at the centre of the road after its widening and the basic purpose of storm water drainage will not be meet.

  7. In future, waste water from houses, flats and commercial institutions may be directly feed into this Storm Water drainage which will directly pollute karamana river.

  8. Vilappil & Vilavoorkal panchayats and even Thiruvananthapuram Corporation have drinking water pump houses in the vicinity of the spot where KSUDP intend to drain the waste. KWA Pump House for PTP reservoir is merely 50 meters from this spot

  9. It may also be noted that the basic aim of your project is to drain storm water in Valiayavila – Peyad region to Karamana River. But in my experience of past 35 years, I had never seen rain water accumulating in this region.

  10. Health issues of persons living in this area, especially children, breathing thick dust need not require special mentioning as you are aware of the fact.

Actually I don’t know the merits and demerits of the project and I am also not against its implementation. The point I am trying to bring forward is that from June 1st Schools and Colleges will reopen and the traffic through this region will be high. Around 35 school busses and 25 college buses commute through this way daily along with hundreds of KSRTC buses. An estimated figure of 5000 students pass through this road daily. Traffic diversion will not be a solution for this and things will get further worse if monsoon bless Thiruvananthapuram.